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Grief Resources

No one is ever fully prepared to lose a loved one. At times the pain may feel unbearable. Grieving individuals experience a roller coaster of emotions, where one day they feel okay and the next day they are overwhelmed with sadness.

The grieving process is different for everyone. The level of grief depends on a number of factors including how close you were to the person who died or how prepared you were for his or her death.

Although the grieving process often seems endless, it gets easier with time. Individuals suffering from grief can begin to heal when they familiarize themselves with the symptoms of grief and commit to the essential steps of the healing process.

To guide you through this very difficult time the Troiano Funeral Home Inc. can serve as a resource by assisting you with suport, providing information about the grieving process through various website links and helping you find a support group if you so desire that can get you through your personal journey with the grief process.

Also, don't forget that your church/clergy (or any church in your area if you don't attend) can be a good source of comfort and encouragement. Funeral directors, too, have access to numerous resources and usually have free pamphlets or booklets also.

Support Groups

There are many grief support groups available in the Rochester area. The Mental Health Association has a complete listing of different support groups, when they meet, where and the contact information. Take advantage of these support groups if you need help.

If you have an urgent need, you may want to call LIFELINE, a 24- hour service that offers crisis intervention, human service information, referrals, and short-term counseling. LIFELINE counselors can assist you in exploring alternatives for help. 585-275-5151 or 800-310-1160 or TDD 595-275-2700.


Grief Net
A collection of resources of value to those experiencing loss and grief. Resources include numerous online support and discussion groups, a variety of articles and manuscripts, a bookstore, a memorial garden, and much more.
Lifetime Care (Home, Health and Hospice) in Rochester
The Grieving Process
Death, Loss and Grieving (teens and grieving)
American SIDS Institute

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